Patient-Specific Guides


One-time use patient-specific surgical guide is a surgical instrument for precise handling of surgical instruments at a certain angle and in a certain position during a surgery when the precise cutting is needed. Each guide is prepared during preoperative planning and based on guidelines from the surgeon.


Surgical guides allow the physician to transfer the pre-operactive surgery plan to operating room. Custom surgical guides are one-time used instrumentation which is designed based on patient's anatomy. After sterilisation they can be used for short-term implantation.

Cutting guides

Custom guides allow cutting and drilling at the right place and under the right angle, according to pre-operative surgery plan. Osteotomies guides allow precise resection of bone tumour, correcting bone deformities or preparing reconstructions with autologous bone grafts.

Pre-manufactured positioning guides

Custom positioning guides are used during reconstruction surgeries when bone pieces or implant need to be fixated at the right place.

Materials for surgical guides

Patient-specific guides are manufactured from resin, which is highly biocompatible and can be used in contact with human body up to 24hrs. The resin has been tested on biocompatibility and meets the requirements of the ISO 10993 and USP Class VI, and is biologically safe. Recommended sterilization process is steam sterilization in an autoclave.

Use Case

Jaw reconstruction with autologous bone graft

This animation shows jaw reconstruction which was partially destroyed by tumor. After resection, the jaw has been reconstructed with patient's fibula grafts. Three custom guides were designed: one cutting guide for bone tumour resection, one cutting guide for cutting grafts and one positioning guide for fixating the jaw with autologous bone grafts.

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