Patient-Specific Implants


Customized implants are made to perfectly match an individual's anatomy. They have been used to repair a range of bone structures due to their precise adaptation to the region of implantation.

Titanium solid



Titanium mesh


Custom implants

Perfectly matched shape of the custom implant to the patient's anatomy makes them the best response to the functional and aesthetic patients' needs. Standard implants are limited and do not provide satisfying results while complex defects reconstruction or tumours resection. Patient-specific implants are mostly used in facial reconstruction, oncologic and plastic surgery.
In comparison to standard implants, custom implants have many benefits:

  • superb shape matching,
  • shorter surgery time and recovery time,
  • can be used to reconstruct any skeleton structure,
  • not palpable to the patient,
  • possibility of obtaining very complex implant geometry,
  • high level of osseointegration by using scaffold structure inside the implant.

Custom plates

The shape of custom bone plates is defined during the preoperative planning, then the perfectly matched shape to patient's anatomical structures is obtained during the production stage.
They can be used in any case of bone fixations, in particular to reconstruct bones with complex 3D geometry, like pelvis or mandible.
In comparison to standard plates, custom plates have many benefits:

  • lack of internal stresses, which may occur as the result from the formation of standard plates in the operating room,
  • better shape matching,
  • individual screw placement which allows to avoid nerves, blood vessels or other structures damage,
  • shorter operation time due to no need for plate formation during surgery,
  • possibility to be used with surgical guides.

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