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Patient-Specific Models


Each patient-specific model reflects the real patient's anatomy and is used by surgeons for preoperative planning or surgical simulation. Models enhance patient's understanding of its anatomy and pathology. Anatomical models are based on CT/CBCT/MRI scan and produced during 3D printing process.

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Preoperative planning

3D printed preoperative models help surgeons plan and practise for operations. These 3D prints give doctors more information and better understanding of a patient’s anatomy compared to looking only at 2D slice images. Surgeons can trial new techniques in advance, before entering the operating theatre. This reduces the risk of complications and allows surgeons to conduct procedures which could not be done without it.

Patient-specific implants prototyping

Designing custom implant is a challenging task. Implant shape has to perfectly match existing bone structures. Manufacturing a prototype implant by using 3D printed models and testing the fitting accuracy significantly reduces mistakes in the final patient specific implant and ensures a high quality final product.

Bending plates and meshes

With 3D custom medical models, bending plates and titanium meshes to fit the patient’s anatomy can be done as a part of the preoperative planning. Use of a 3D print in planning procedures allows surgeons precise prebending before surgery and saves operating time.

Communication with patient

3D anatomical models can be used as a communication tool to improve the patient’s understanding during the consultation.

Allograft matching

Bone bank having a full-scale medical model of patient’s anatomical structure can increase the matching accuracy when selecting the most appropriate allograft. A better anatomically matched allograft means better integration with existing osseous structures.

Medical documentation and training models

Full-scale anatomical 3D print can serve as a perfect complement to medical documentation. Medical 3D models which represent specific pathologies, can be an unique tool for physicians and students to learn and practice surgery techniques for a range of clinical scenarios.

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